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about an hour we discovered one of our Italian team members and

Were very lucky that nothing happened to us, but we had lost our boots, gloves and headlight.about an hour we discovered one of our Italian team members and a very strong sherpa guide had died in the snow, Gobbi said, sitting on a couch in a Kathmandu hotel.Mondinelli, 54, celebrated for his rare feat of climbing all 14 of the world peaks above 8,000 metres, was on his third ascent of Manaslu, which straddles Nepal border with Tibet.all screamed and looked for survivors, he said.Gobbi added: found somebody boots, put them on and came down.Nepali rescue helicopters halted their search on Monday for three foreign climbers who were still missing after the avalanche hit the camp.The three missing climbers are believed to be two French nationals and a Canadian, deputy superintendent of police Basanta Bahadur Kunwar said.Seven French climbers were among the 11 victims of the avalanche that struck their camp on the world eighth highest mountain. Two German climbers and one each from Spain and Nepal also died.looked destroyed at the site, said Nima Nuru Sherpa, a tour operator who organised the expedition for the French climbers and helped to fly their bodies back to Kathmandu on Monday.couldn see any tents or any belongings of the climbers, he told Reuters on his return.Five people who were rescued were flown back from the mountain base camp to Kathmandu on Monday. Eight more climbers, who were unhurt, stayed behind and were contemplating continuing their climbs, Kunwar said.Mount Manaslu, which towers alongside Mount Annapurna in northwest Nepal, has been climbed by about 300 people since it was first scaled by a Japanese team in 1956.

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